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Friday, September 10, 2010

Keychain - 3D Modelling

It is my second year, first semester....

We were been assigned to do a keychain with the picture given by lecture.
Show at below: The software to create the model willl be as below..
Software: 3ds Max 2010
This is our first modelling assignment,

Which allow us learn how to model the shape of the product itself...
Its my first time to interact with 3D software..

Duration of time for me to complete this assignmeent is 2 weeks.

Its kinda long for me, or a designer..
Because.. this is a very basic and simple modelling assignment..

Through this assignment i learnt the techinique of how to model a 3D model in better way and fast.

Learn from error..
Finally....my final work is:

Basically, lecturer just request for a basic model,

without mapping and render setting.

But i perfer my model with some nice lighting, material look ...

So i added material, and render setting(mental ray) on it.



Hope you all like the very first 3D design master piece. :)


Chris LJS said...

Details are there, just the rendering is a bit off.

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